dnjl 16:26 10 Nov 09

Can you play a bought movie on TV and download it onto a pocket size hard disk to play later in caravan on caravan tv or laptop?

If not, is there any small units that you can do this with please?

  v1asco 10:43 11 Nov 09

Record it with a dvd recorder would be the best.
Just make sure your sat box output goes via the recorder.

  dnjl 00:34 12 Nov 09

Bugle - I think you mis-read my Q. We have a lot of BOUGHT films on DVDs.

I wish to know if there is an or similar that we can copy them onto & then plug into TV in caravan to watch.

This would save us carting a load of DVDs with us.

  tullie 07:12 12 Nov 09

Keep a dvd player in the caravan,how difficult is it to stick a few dvds in your suitcase.

  dnjl 11:25 12 Nov 09


We already do and when you go off for 3 months at a time - you'd be amazed how much space that takes up.

Besides if we could have them on a small unit, we could lock them it in the safe.

ALSO at home we have stacks of boxed sets plus single DVDs and CDs and it would be great if we could get it all down onto something small., if at all possible.
You would think in this day of the miniscule chip it could be done.

Please let us not diverse from my original Q.
If anyone has any ideas on that plse?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:53 13 Nov 09

click here

Brilliant invention, and I bet you can get it cheaper than £8

  dnjl 00:51 14 Nov 09


Got 50 of them at least - this done answer my original Q which is-

Is there any way to get BOUGHT dvd files onto an ext. hard drive so we can watch them on TV or laptop when away from home.

Only sensible replies please.

Maybe there isn't anything out there to do this yeat, but just in case there is - I want to know about it please.

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