Advice on a new phone

  smokingbeagle 12 Nov 07

I need a new phone only to make and receive calls. Size, weight, reception and battery life are important. Small and light as possible with the best possible reception and battery life. PAYG only, any provider.

  PP321 13 Nov 07

Youve just described most phones on the planet.

Narrow it down maybe? like price range? features such as bluetooth, camera , mp3 player ect all make a price difference as well.

  dannie520 13 Nov 07

I agree with PP321,It's 2 misty.
I think it all depends on what your requirement/preferences are!click here
And I'm a cellphone fan.Considering on my used phones,I recommend you SE k810i,k850i,w810i,W850i,W960i,Nokia N73,N95 8gb.

  smokingbeagle 13 Nov 07

"only to make and receive calls".
I meant camera,bluetooth,MP3 player,radio etc.. are not necessary. Don't mind if they are included but would be wasted.
Budget max is £75.

  amonra 13 Nov 07

Absolute minimum, PAYG, cheap and cheerful,
Virgin Lobster, £20 from Phones4u

  ambra4 14 Nov 07

Check this site and make your choice from £20-£300 from all provider.

click here

  ambra4 14 Nov 07

Check this site and make your choice from £20-£300 from all provider.

click here

  anthonystorey 14 Nov 07
  smokingbeagle 14 Nov 07

I've decided to go with the Motorola F3 (as suggested by anthonystorey) or the Nokia 2310 - probably the F3 as the reviews say that it has a good battery life.

  vv01 15 Nov 07

according to ur budget, u can have a looking around [url=click here]here[/url]. the goods here are all rather cheap!

  D@ve 15 Nov 07

My mother has the Motorola F3 and it is the most user-unfriendly phone I have ever used.

I would recommend a cheap Nokia. They are reliable and easy to use.


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