Adjustin tone on TV with 2.1 speakers?

  Ex plorer 08:11 16 Aug 11

My new TV a TX-L42E30B with a 2.1 system falls silent when switched to Menu and altering the tone etc.

That makes it difficult to know as to what you are doing improving or making sound worse until I switch back to a TV Chanel. Its connected to Audio out at the back of the TV and a bluray Player AUX.

This also happens with my sons TV a Samsung on a 5.1 system. Are we missing something or is that how it works when adding speakers.

  wiz-king 16:02 16 Aug 11

Could well be, on my LG viewing the menu gives a blank screen (removing the picture).

  Ex plorer 06:30 17 Aug 11

wiz-king same here it would be handy if there was a way round it. Sound whilst fiddling with all the sound controls.

  ams4127 21:32 18 Aug 11

I'm not too sure what you mean. Is your sound setup connected to the TV and Bluray player at the same time?

I have mine set like that, but it's switchable. Which means I can have one or the other working. The TV sound stays on when adjusting so I can hear the difference.

  Ex plorer 08:23 19 Aug 11

I can here the sound been changed with TV speakers whilst making adjustments to the sound controls.

But now I have the 2.1 speakers attached it cuts the TV speakers off which is what I sort of expected to happen.

The 2.1s work fine.

When I press the menu button on the remote control the 2.1s are cut off.

I can use the on screen audio settings but not hear whats going on.

So how can I fix this problem, and still hear the 2.1s at the same time as making audio adjustments.

The bluray player is connected by the AUX to the TV audio output.

My sons TV has the same problem loads of audio settings on screen but no sound comes through his 5.1s so making an accurate sound adjustment is imposible.

  Ex plorer 09:28 20 Aug 11

Lets put it another way. Can all you people with surround sound added to your TVs alter the tone using the on screen equalizer etc. listen to the surround sound speakers as adjustments are made, as I cant.

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