Adio plug differential?

  jack 16:10 PM 03 May 10

Daughter presented be with her little Sony 'Walkman' style pocket radio with one earpiece missing-
'The cat chewed it off, trouble is I purchased a new earphone set and the plug will not fit.'

It seems that Sony stereo miniature plug is slimmer than the standard - is this so can any one confirm?

  jack 08:09 AM 06 May 10

A Google does not seem to pick up a difference does any one know better?

  Confab 12:25 PM 06 May 10

Try one of these

click here

  Confab 12:28 PM 06 May 10

Sorry this should have been the link

click here

  ICF 09:15 AM 09 May 10

Model number?

  jack 10:05 AM 09 May 10

Sony FM Radio SRF-M903

  ICF 21:07 PM 10 May 10

That model number doesn't seem to bring up any info on sony website

  jack 14:58 PM 11 May 10

Looks like a trip to Bluewater Sony Store is called for


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