Accidentally 'Gone Incognito' - internet - Galaxy S3 - How to revert ...???

  AroundAgain 20:50 14 Aug 12


Having tapped on 'Internet' icon, I've tapped on a 'little man' in upper right hand corner which has rendered me 'incognito' but I want to change it back to 'normal'.

I've tried tapping around the screen, particularly on the 'little man' displayed on the upper edge of the screen and to the left of the search bar. I've tapped on the lower left below the screen to bring up the menu but there is nothing there that I can find to switch this back. I've been into Settings and couldn't see any options that affected this.

I've only had this phone a week, have learnt a lot but still have a lot to learn. ;)

Does anyone know how to do this, please? I would be very grateful.

Thanks for any help

  AroundAgain 08:16 15 Aug 12

Lazarus The 2nd, I'm very impressed!

The video clip explains this effectively. I'd not thought to search internet/YouTube, mainly because I wasn't sure of what keywords to use. Obviously wasn't far out!

So now I have learnt just a bit more about this impressive phone. I've bookmarked the page for potential future reference. ;)

I'm now going to check through more of these to see what other useful tips I can find

Thanks very much, I really appreciate your help Cheers

  sunnystaines 09:42 15 Aug 12

happened yesterday to me too, thanks for the link.


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