3G dongle- whats one of those do?

  SparkyJack 29 Jul 12

Although I have a cell phone - it is a basic ' pay as you go phone' and sits in the car as a call for help device.------ So I am not a mobile phone user as such.

I recently acquired tablet and in its scant manual simply says ;A 3G dongle can be used' Looking up 3G dongles I see the phone co's offer them on paid for contracts.

As the Tablet is WiFi and operates from hotspots- I thoughjt what does such a plug in device offer and why pay for what can be a 'Free' service

In other words What is 3G and do I need it?

  sunnystaines 29 Jul 12

i used to have one from 3 you buy one for a nomimal fee. then purchase a voucher which gives you a months internet use.

i think they are almost obsolete as people now use wifi tethering from smartphones.

  SparkyJack 29 Jul 12

Thank you SS So I wont need one one.

The tablet also has sat nav- so in theory at least I could have sat nav in the car with a 10 inch screen sat on the passenger seat, or is it noy 'Sat nav' - just Google Maps in which case I guess it would not work in the car on the road

All this modern tewchno stuff so confusing for an old'unI also noitce that that


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