john bunyan 19:34 04 Feb 12

I wrongly posted this in Absolute beginers so am re posting here.

I am thinking of buying a new 46" LCD TV. Although I will not watch much 3D , I may as well have it in case it gets more popular and to allow mid teen grandchildren to watch it on Blu Ray. Two manufacturers are front runners in the LCD field at the moment for me - LG and Samsung. LG uses "passive" and Samsung "active" 3d glasses. I believe active is a bit more realistic but passive easier on the eyes. Although I will mainly use the 2D mode, does anyone have a view? The front runner is a Samsung as it has a very thin bezel.Both TV's have built in HD Freeview tuners

  Strawballs 19:51 04 Feb 12

I have a friend with the Samsung with the active glasses and when I went round there I was not that impressed until he took the glasses off me pointed them at the telly and pressed a button on the frame and a message came up on the screen, after that it was amazing well worth it.

  john bunyan 09:25 05 Feb 12

Beta. That was the model I had in mind as my wife hates the wide black bezels of some other makes. Some say that LG's passive system is easier on the eyes on 3D. I will mostly view in normal 2D so thanks for your comments.


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