2 Aerials or just the one for digital change over.

  buteman 03 Feb 11

Here in the east Midlands we need 2 TV Aerials to pick up different programs.
One For Anglia news and the other for ITV news plus some other programs.
Just wondering when the digital switch on happens will we still need 2 aerials to get all the TV programs or will the one do.
I would imagine probably still need both but just asking as my aerials have moved due to having the chimney repaired and the contractor not installing it back properly so probably time for new ones.

  morddwyd 03 Feb 11

If you need two now, to receive different transmitters, then you'll still need two after switchover.

I can receive STV North and STV Central, and nothing changed after switchover.

Like you, I like to receive a more local news.

  dms_05 04 Feb 11

Quite correct. Nothing but the signal format changes (from analogue to digital).

I did find a problem after DSO. My expensive Humax 9300 PVR had terrible problems when it was able to receive duplicate stations from two transmitters (ie BBC1 or ITV etc). It couldn't decide which to treat as the main input and so many recordings failed. The solution was to decide which transmitter was to be treated as the main transmitter and then manually install them (rather than use auto tune). If you have any problems you might like to try manual installation and have only one Multiplex specified for each channel.

  buteman 04 Feb 11

Ok thanks both for the feed back I did think that I would still need both aerials but will try the manual install if I get any problems.
Changeover is not due till march in most areas so will have to get moving soon.


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