1394 firewire problem

  Taurus 11:34 07 Sep 07

Good Morning, I have developed a problem with my firewire card that someone may be able to help me with. up until recently I was able to upload from my DV camera to the pc via a Via 1394 firewire card,the pc automatically recognising the camera and opening the download dialog when the camara was plugged into the card, but now it has suddenly decided to ignore the camera totally. Device manager and Belarc Advisor both confirm that the machine is aware of the card, I have reloaded the driver but to n avail. My video editing software (Cyberlink Power Director 6) does not acknowledge that the camera is there either. My camera is a Canon MV890, which works fine otherwise, and I am running Vista 32 bit. I do not have a second camera with wich to test the Canon, but any other help or suggestions you can give will be very appreciated.

  holme 12:14 07 Sep 07

Duplicate posting, see click here

(Suggest you don't post the same Q on different PCA forums as if they result in different threads, it's often difficult to tie the two together and peoeple - er - lose the thread...)

  Taurus 12:42 07 Sep 07

Thanks, but I posted on other forumas I was getting no response from here, other than from the self appointed forum police of course.

  holme 12:49 07 Sep 07

" ... self appointed forum police"

Does he mean us...?

(If so, I respectfully suggest you might like to leave it for longer than 16 mins to see if anyone responds).

  Jackcoms 21:52 07 Sep 07

And if you've nothing better to do than abuse other members, I suggest you find somewhere else to ask your questions.

Do you really think that swearing at us will bring forth an answer?

  holme 22:12 07 Sep 07

Thank you Jackcoms, I rather hoped someone would say something like that.

My colleague did try to assist via the duplicate posting (link above) and in fact we have some more suggestions to offer but, in the circs, are disinclined to assist further. So be it. :-(

Maybe this one should be closed.

  Taurus 22:26 07 Sep 07

holme, you say you have MORE suggestions to make, are they as usefull as the first one? If you had further suggestions you would, i think, have put them in your original response. Instead, you seem to spend your time doing little more than browsing the forums for something to feel superior about. And Jackcoms, I DO have far more inportant things to do, far more important things than constantly referring to my thread to read irrelevent rubbish too.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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