Xp SP2

  maz2 13:39 03 Jul 04

On reading about this I noticed that the firewall will be turned on by default, does this mean that you cannot turn it off, I was just wondering as I have 2 Pc's on a wireless network one on Xp and one on 98 and I know when the firewall is turned on on the Xp there is no communication between the two (I do have a separate firewall). I bet this is going to cause a lot of problems, if anyone has tried it can you let me know please

  powerless 13:45 03 Jul 04

Yes you can turn it off.

  safemode 12:50 04 Jul 04

the firewall in sp2 works fine with any networking connection now, they seem to have sorted the prob with sp1 firewall blocking such connections, although these can be resolved in sp1 by tweaking a few settings.

  maz2 22:36 04 Jul 04

Ok thanks for that, just so I'm prepared I had enough of a problem setting the network up for it to go wrong again, I know when I switch the firewall on with the XP machine I can't connect on the 98 one, although I have a separate firewall which I have configured for both so that's ok Thanks for your help

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