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  Nontek 25 Dec 12

Newly built desktop with XP. Incredimail exported from old PC but when trying to Import to new PC cannot find Data.cab which is asked for by the Import restore procedure. Have tried a Search on new PC but not found, is it possible that this file was not saved on Export?

I believe Export procedure was saved to an external drive, this drive is showing as normal on new PC but no sign of required file when trying to Import to new PC.

Could it have been saved under another name, or hidden within a set of numbers as in System Restore - example only!

Not my PC, posting on behalf of a friend.

  Nontek 25 Dec 12

Ooops, just realised wrong Forum, repeated in Tech Helproom ....

  rdave13 25 Dec 12

When I export anything I usually create a destination folder to export to, which I can then name to my liking. Seems to work every time as I can find the folder easily. If the old PC is still available can he export again to a pre-named folder on the external drive? http://help.incredimail.com/incredimail/helpcenter/helparticle.aspx?is=t&is=t&article_id=285&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

Under the 'export options' I would have already created the destination folder. Finding where it is on an external drive by default then try 'search' in the drive for incredimail. Best I can think of.

  rdave13 25 Dec 12

That's typical of the link. Will try again in your new post:(

  rdave13 25 Dec 12

Seems to be already answered.

  Nontek 25 Dec 12


Thanks anyway!



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