Would you accept this...

  Sturmey 14:12 16 Jan 03
  Sturmey 14:12 16 Jan 03

I ordered a Hard Drive from a large online retailer, it arrived two days later, on opening the parcel I noticed that the anti-static bag the Hard drive was in had been opened, to me this is not good, but I wanted to hear from others, would you accept a Hard Drive like this.

I have sent an email to the supplier asking for a replacement (no reply yet)

Any other advice as to what I should do appreciated.


  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 14:18 16 Jan 03

Was it in a origanal suppliers box as well? I cannot see any problem could have been taken out for of the bag for any number of reasons.
Best thing to do is install it etc and if it is faulty then you have the warranty anyway

  €dstow 14:30 16 Jan 03

As has been said, there is the warranty.

There is a possiblity that it has been opened for testing. Two drives I've bought in the past whilst not being opened have had the bag cut apparently to allow a IDE and power cable to be fitted.

Both of them have been running almost daily for a year with no problem.


  recap 14:51 16 Jan 03

If it was delivered by a courier service then they might of opened it for security reasons (11/11 ring a bell?).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:14 16 Jan 03

I cannot see a problem and it was probably opened to test it. Why send it back if it is OK? Glue it in and enjoy.


  Sturmey 16:00 16 Jan 03

No it wasn't in the original suppliers box, just bubble wrap then the opened anti-static bag.

That was the other thing it wasn't packaged at all well for the a delicate Hard drive, it's like someone who couldn't be bothered just bundled a bit of bubble wrap around it then slung it in a courier bag, no box or any effort made to package it securely.

I will fit the Hard Disk as you say and try to enjoy it ;)

  spuds 22:38 16 Jan 03

As others have stated, install it and if it fails then you have the warranty to cover you.If it is a second user, then you should perhaps find out very quickly if it as not been cleaned.

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