Would TCPA take away your freedom?

  Citizen -A 18:43 17 Sep 03

Well Worth a look at this.
click here

  Socalled 20:05 17 Sep 03

Either its not worrying anyone here or they are just accepting the inevitable.

  wee eddie 21:23 17 Sep 03

Just after Longhorn was announced as this is built in as a core item.

  Confab 21:27 17 Sep 03

Read it, seems like I've heard it all before but, if there is something new in there then can you sum it up in not more than 10 words!



  Forum Editor 23:02 17 Sep 03

Total drivel.

How's that?

  Bodi 23:12 17 Sep 03

this sounds very like the Science Fiction novel I am writing! Maybe I can see into the future!

Until you can completely control the world population (and I suppose that may come one day) this type of business enterprise can't work.


  Forum Editor 23:36 17 Sep 03

this is yet another example of the looney brigade jumping at shadows.

I fully support free speech (not the right of free speech, because there's no such thing), and I'm always ready to listen to informed opinion, but this really is paranoid drivel of the worst kind. How anyone with any degree of intelligence can seriously believe that there's some kind of dark masterplot on the part of some 200 of the world's leading computer technology companies to remove our freedom and our "rights" (whatever they might be) is totally beyond me.

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 23:51 17 Sep 03

No why should it ? I wouldnt use it, If it was forced upon me I would circumvent it. Simple as

  canard 00:07 18 Sep 03

Doubt if it's drivel because US citizen rights are being so enthusiastically eliminated. The dream of total power may be loony but look at the neocons- they'd go for it every time and are at this very moment doing their worst to that end in the ME.

  OneSirKnight 10:30 18 Sep 03

I think the FE has got it wrong,"Total Drivel"
does he think these companies are wasting their time putting their names on board- "The companies:
The TCPA was founded 1999 by Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft. But in the meantime around 200 companies joined them. You will find Adobe, AMD, Fujitsu-Siemens, Gateway, Motorola, Samsung, Toshiba and many other well known companies. IBM already sells first desktops and notebooks with integrated TPM.
I have seen more drivel on the polls,

  Socalled 10:37 18 Sep 03

I take on board your response,it can only help if items like this are brought to the publics attention,instead of leaving the Blinkers on,and then claiming ignorance later.

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