World of Warcraft?

  Tommy Vercetti 17:25 18 Jul 05

Ive heard World of Warcraft online is better (bigger, more immersive) than GTA. Does anyone on this site play the game online? Can a game of this size be run on a laptop and if so, what specs will i need?

  Forum Editor 18:26 18 Jul 05

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  Kate B 15:56 20 Jul 05

Yup, even more immersive cos there's literally a whole world out there. And it will run on a fairly low-spec laptop if you turn everything down. I run it on my iBook (pretty basic) when I'm away from my Windows Beast. Go for it - it's great. Just be prepared to kiss goodbye to a big chunk of your leisure time while you work through your addiction.

  Jdoki 16:50 21 Jul 05

I subscribed to WoW on day of release and have loved it. It's the most accomplished MMORPG I have played (and I've played pretty much all of them).

I did take a break for about 6 weeks, as I got a bit bored and didn't feel I was getting my 8.99 a month's worth!, but they've recently added the BattleGrounds update which has injected a bit more fun in to the game.

It's definitely bigger than GTA, but as for how immersive it is, well, that's up to you! The community is pretty good on the European Realms, and Silvermoon appears to have one of the bigger populations, but Aszune, where I play, has a smaller community, but is friendly.

If you do end up getting WoW, my character is called Teraax and can be found on the Aszune Realm (Horde side) - gimme a shout and I may be able to help you out with some stuff to get you started.

  xphile 23:07 21 Jul 05

Not played GTA, so can't compare. WoW is the first game I've bought for pc & haven't wanted/needed to go buy anything else! Blaming my mate for telling me about it - Be warned time will vanish! I.e. Where did my weekend go??? Was a little worried about subscription as I've never played online before. Only had trusty PS1, PS2 & Latterly Gamecube for off-line games. No problems except the downtime on Wednesday mornings for a few hours for maintenance, is alittle annoying (but I know probably essential). Highly recommend.

  Kate B 23:30 21 Jul 05

I'm on Silvermoon - if you create a character there, drop me a tell - I'm Pollydolly (Alliance).

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