Woolworth's notebook

  Pidder 16:32 31 Jul 05

Does anyone have experience of the Medion notebook on offer at Woolworth's at £399?

  ade.h 18:17 31 Jul 05

Medions get quite good reviews click here and it's half price. I don't know much about the specification in question, but it sounds like a steal. I don't think you would be dissappointed with it at that price.

  Stuartli 18:28 31 Jul 05

Medion is a rebadger - finding out which particular laptop is being rebadged will provide a lot of information about the value on offer.

  Pidder 18:35 31 Jul 05

Thanks for that. Thought it might be too good to be good. However, couldn't find the reviews on your "click here".

  Joe R 18:52 31 Jul 05

Pidder, here's the spec, but if you are buying online, they are out of stock. click here

  Joe R 18:56 31 Jul 05

almost the same, but slightly faster cpu. click here

  Forum Editor 19:14 31 Jul 05

tha machine's a bargain.

  Dipso 21:04 31 Jul 05

You could also get 10% off making it £359 if you followed this on-line offer from Woolies/Wanadoo click here (Posting the link incase they come back in stock on-line) Woolies stores are supposed to still have them but no Wanadoo discount.

  ade.h 23:06 31 Jul 05

The Reviews tab is at the top above the banner; notebooks are listed under Hardware. If there are no Medion laptops, then they have dropped out of the archive (some older reviews do dissappear). Also check the list at click here. There are definitely some Medion reviews in there.

  Pidder 10:12 01 Aug 05

Thanks to all, will look in our local shop.

  steven_frost 12:51 02 Aug 05

Just ordered one for a friend at that price it's a steal

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