Windows Tablets - Lack of clarity

  wee eddie 02 May 13

There seems to be a shortage of 'upfront' information regarding Tablets running Windows.

I have read a couple of reviews so far and have seen their OS referred too both as Windows 8 and Windows RT in the same Review.

The difference is critical if you want something other than a toy that does email!

  Forum Editor 02 May 13

Windows 8 won't run on an ARM-powered devices, so as far as tablets are concerned you're talking about Windows RT.

"The difference is critical if you want something other than a toy that does email!"

I'm not sure where you get that idea from - Windows RT comes with Microsoft Office pre-installed, it has multiple language support, IE10, Xbox Live, Windows Defender, Exchange ActiveSync, and virtual private networking. It also has enhanced data protection using BitLocker technology. Windows update and Windows Defender are always running by default.

It doesn't have Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, HomeGroup creation (you can join an existing HomeGroup but you can't create a new one), and you can't connect to your RT device from another PC using Remote Desktop.

An RT device is certainly much more than "a toy that does email"

  wee eddie 03 May 13

No Outlook - for me that's the Deal Breaker.

I can get Word Processors, Spreadsheets and Presentation Programs for peanuts, all over the place.

  Woolwell 03 May 13

I run Outlook 2007 on my main desktop but don't have it on my iPad. However all of my appointments, contacts and tasks are automatically synced through iCloud. All my emails are received and can be sent. I should think that W8 tablets should be able to do the same.

  Forum Editor 03 May 13

"No Outlook - for me that's the Deal Breaker."

I don't find it a particular problem. As Woolwell says,it's easy to sync appointments and contacts via the Cloud, and email is no problem.

In any case, Outlook for Windows RT is almost certainly going to be available soon.

  wee eddie 04 May 13

FE: Now you're talking, that sounds brilliant as it will increase competition and benefit folk like me that wish to keep life as simple as possible.

My main point still seems to hold though.

There have been a small number of "Windows" Tablets entering the Market, which have been reviewed in the Press, but the Reviewers seem to be unsure, even within the Review itself, as to whether the Review Item is running WRT or W8.

  Forum Editor 04 May 13

the Reviewers seem to be unsure, even within the Review itself, as to whether the Review Item is running WRT or W8.

I don't know why; Windows 8 will not run on a tablet.

  wee eddie 05 May 13

FE: On the contrary, there appear to be a number of Tablets, toted around at the present, that run Windows 8.

Well they're called Tablets anyway.

or maybe they don't run Windows 8, but Windows RT!

  wee eddie 06 May 13

Spam -FE told

  Forum Editor 06 May 13

What I should have made clear is what I said in my first post - Windows 8 will not run on ARM powered devices.

Apologies for any confusion. You can get Intel powered tablets that run full Windows 8 versions. Here they are

  wee eddie 06 May 13

I know, but many of the Reviewers (who also know) seem to be ambivalent about the OS when writing their Review.

So it is incorrect to say that an Arm Powered Tablet is running W8 - Correct. It would be running Windows RT and saying that it is running W8 throws us poor plebs into confusion.


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