Windows Defender - Does it work?

  acxxxx 09:19 24 Jul 07

Yesterday (When I clicked on a link) two windows opened, warning me "that it could tell every porn site visited" - gave a list of folders and told me to install some software (I didn’t, as I know there’s no porn on the computer).

Anyway ran AVG, Spy-Bot, Ad-ware S.E

which came up with

DRIVECLEANER (I suspect it was this that was creating the pop-ups not the link).

The point being Windows Defender sat there through-out telling me 'No unwanted or harmful software detected’.

Should WD of got there first with Real-Time protection?
Has it ever warned anyone of anything (it never has with me)?
Is a waste of resources?

Real-Time protection is on
Definition Version 18/07/07
Full system scan – Daily

  iscanut 09:31 24 Jul 07

I think you will find that most people consider MS Defender a waste of space and not worth the bother.

  acxxxx 09:35 24 Jul 07

That’s what I’m beginning to suspect as well.

  Probabilitydrive 09:42 24 Jul 07

use it since 2004 and -as I recall- WD (and its previous incarnation) hasn't detected a single thing...

  Jackcoms 10:12 24 Jul 07

If Defender is your only anti-malware protection, you're a bit vulnerable.

Use this as well click here and scan regularly with this click here

  acxxxx 10:23 24 Jul 07

Which do you think is best
SpywareBlaster 3.5.1 or A-SQUARED (I Obviously need something better than WD - especially now my 7 year old is out and about on the internet).

  acxxxx 10:33 24 Jul 07

Sorry - misread your post, you obviously recommend both.

  Colin 12:53 24 Jul 07

I use Windows Defender and have never had an alert from it. You can set it so that it doesn't alert you and it eliminates the spyware. Well, that's what the website sdays, anyway! However, I don't get any strange pop ups, either. I also use the free version of AVG and have never had a virus.

  acxxxx 13:27 24 Jul 07

That the point.
Does it work so well you never get an alert (worth keeping), or does it do nothing and you still never get an alert (not worth keeping), how do you tell the difference?

  provider 2 15:57 24 Jul 07

Cracker of a question, if I may say so, and one to which I too would like to know the definitive answer.

  Jackcoms 17:04 24 Jul 07

"one to which I too would like to know the definitive answer."

The definite answer is:

"How long is a piece of string?"

In other words - we don't know one way or the other - which is why it's sensible to use 2 or 3 anti-malware programs.

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