windows activation.

  heepster 15:35 06 Feb 09

Recently I had to re-install XP and now it says my software is illegal? It came with my computer! Anyhow I mailed microsoft activation twice and have yet to recieve a reply! Does anyone know of the Uk telephone number to do activation that way?

  realist 16:02 06 Feb 09
  birdface 16:03 06 Feb 09

Can you do it this way.Start All programs.Accessories.System Tools.Activate Windows.

  birdface 16:11 06 Feb 09

You could try calling 0800 0188354 which I believe is the Windows Activation number.Not sure about it.Got it from another thread.

  birdface 17:25 06 Feb 09

A few on here to have a look at.

click here

  heepster 21:32 06 Feb 09

Thanks Buteman. Will try the number tomorrow. I dont have the "Activate Windows" option you mentioned, probably because It was activated initially

  birdface 10:19 07 Feb 09

Try.Start.Run.and type in or copy and paste oobe/msoobe /A then Ok that should bring it up.

  heepster 12:07 07 Feb 09

Thanks buteman it says its already activated, so why can I not download updates?

  birdface 12:11 07 Feb 09

Not sure.Maybe try here it is free and has helped others.

  birdface 12:22 07 Feb 09

It looks like it can also be caused by spyware-virus.Have you run all of your security programs.What security programs do you have installed.

  birdface 19:36 07 Feb 09

I ended up having the same sort of problem as yourself.I removed IE8 and went back to IE7 and Microsoft would not let me run any updates.Tried everything ,no change.So I ran Dial a fix pressed the green arrow and pressed start.Then tried the updates but no different.Then went to Control panel Internet options,Advanced and pressed reset.This resets IE7 to its original state.You have to go into add-ons and enable them all again.Then ran the Microsoft updates and it worked Okay.
And if you have spywareblaster downloaded you have to go into that and enable all protection again.

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