windows 7 start menu

  aeron2009 23:44 PM 06 Mar 12

I have just bought a Lenovo B520 All-in-One PC with windows 7 64bit OS. The start menu is very untidy and with the istallation of programmes it will get worse. In XP, as every one knows, the titles can be dragged and dropped to change the order. I have a programme called Tidy Start Menu which I can put titles into various headings but they are spread here, there and everywhere within the start menu. Can any kind, clever and computer savvy reader iut there help me with this issue

  birdface 00:12 AM 07 Mar 12

Any ones that you don't want remove them from the start Menu.Any that you do want pin them to the menu and they will stay there.

Not sure if you meen start menu or all programs.

  Aeron09 23:21 PM 08 Mar 12

What I mean is all programs. How do I change their order

  birdface 10:19 AM 09 Mar 12

Not got a clue I did not know that they could be moved.

Maybe have a read through this and see if it is any help or not.

  aeron2009 00:09 AM 10 Mar 12

Dont think Ill bother, too much trouble. Thanks


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