Win 7 or Win 8

  Potchboy 06 Mar 13

I need some advice along these lines; I have a desktop computer which runs Windows 7 which I have had for the last 1 and a half years and I am very pleased with Win 7.Now I am thinking about buying a laptop computer and went to a few shops where the salesmen/ladies all tried to sell me Win 8.When I replied that I wanted Win 7 they told me that they don't sell that anymore??? From the little that I know about Win 8 it looks a bit gimmicky to me. Because I still have the CD with Win 7 O/S,can I buy a laptop with no system on and load it myself? Potchboy

  chub_tor 06 Mar 13

I am assuming that the Win7 disc you have is the one used to install Win7 on your desktop computer. If so and it is a full retail version of Win7 and not an OEM disc then you can install it on another machine provided that you uninstall it from the desktop first.

  wee eddie 06 Mar 13

Try looking on the Net, a number of Companies still offering the choice.

W7 will still be being supported until long after your new lappy has gone to landfill.

  Nontek 06 Mar 13

Novatech UK will provide you with a laptop with Win7 pre-installed. Great value and absolutely NO rubbish Bloatware!

I don't think Win8 would really suit a laptop, mainly because of its' touch-screen operation. Though I have no actual Win8 experience.

  Nontek 06 Mar 13

PS - Novatech will also provide you with a laptop with no OS.

  spuds 07 Mar 13

There are a number of suppliers who will supply a laptop or desktop without any operating system, so they are not really all that hard to find.

Ebuyer, Dell, Novatech are just three, with many more besides. Now if you were to go to PC World,Currys or some of the other High Street sellers, then you may have a problem, in getting the exact product or specification you want.

  onthelimit1 07 Mar 13

I have W8 on a new PC. Not too keen on the style (as mentioned, it's optimised for touchscreen), but with the free Classic Shell it's like W7, but faster (20secs to boot!).


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