Will these work with my computer?

  ///A M G 14:09 20 Jun 04

I am planning on buying some new speakers.
I haven't seen any nice POWERFUL speakers on the market for computers.

I currently have Harmon Kardon K695's

But want something more powerful.
I have found some Bose speakers, however they are for normal home surround sound. Is there anyway on connecting them to my PC using an adaptor to these?

This is the link to the ones I want:

click here;jsessionid=AVDzEjLWULqy0LAF17tEFRkyQL316ok3uTnKpHQHiUIycQiZREsA!6313599?event=VIEW_PRODUCT_PAGE_EVENT&product=321_dvd_index&linksource=productnav_txt_overview&pageName=/home_entertainment/theater/systems/dvd/321/photos.jsp

Also if anyone can think of any other computer speakers please let me know.


  Totally-braindead 14:24 20 Jun 04

As a cheap alternative I use an amplifier linked up to normal speakers, gives great sound.

  carver 15:56 20 Jun 04

Just what is your definition of powerfull?. Are you working on power output, quality of sound, size of speaker or just the looks. It also depends on what sort of soundcard is in your P/C, is it onboard, separate?.

  ///A M G 18:25 01 Jul 04

My pc has an onboard soundcard. I power to me mean style,sound and loudness ;).

Any speakers come to mind?

  Totally-braindead 18:52 01 Jul 04

Why not buy a dedicated soundcard if sound quality is important to you, a Creative Labs Audigy would be the thing, that is real quality sound, onboard is ok in fact thats what I have but I'm not really into music as I presume you are.

  ///A M G 19:17 06 Jul 04

thanks people. Im now thinking to get an iPod instead as I haven't got one :(

But thanks for your help.

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