Will a 120 Hz screen eliminate judder issues when watching Blu Ray?

  Mary_S 23:20 20 Apr 14

Dear all,

Last month I purchased a Panasonic Blu Ray player but I'm not enjoying it as I'm finding the motion is not smooth at all.

I've researched online and I believe the problem is due my TV being a 60 Hz screen and that to eliminate such judder problems I need a TV which is either 120 or 240 hz.

I'm reluctant to spend money on a new TV especially as I'm not sure if a 120 Hz screen will make any difference to my problem.

Will a 120 Hz screen give me what I want? Are there other settings I can adjust on my blu ray player or TV to improve the smoothness of the motion?

Thanks in advance

  Mary_S 23:23 20 Apr 14

Just to add I've watched 3 Blu Ray discs - The Fall (BBC), Amazing Spider Man and World War Z.

The Fall was the first I watched and I do not recall being noticing any judder issues. However it is very clear in the last 2 discus.

Is there any reason for this? Are movies filmed in the UK different to that in the States which is why I did not have this problem when watching the Fall?


  mart7 00:28 21 Apr 14

My system panny 42" led 100hz,lg bluray system,

when i am watching dvds,blu rays or films from usb,the picture stutters when the camera pans over a scene,i assume thats what you are seeing? In the tv settings and bluray settings you may have an option to turn on "progressive scan",if so,enable it and see if it helps

  mart7 00:33 21 Apr 14

I wouldn't say "the fall" is as fast paced a programme as Spiderman and world warz film that may be why your not seeing it on "the fall"

  Menzie 13:44 21 Apr 14

Refresh rate is just part of the equation if you are experiencing blurring. Response time would be more important. There are some television sets out there with a response time of 7ms or higher and these are not ideal for fast motion scenes experienced in sports, action movies or games.

Have a look in your manual and see what response time your TV has, 5ms or below is usually sufficient not to experience any blurred motion.

There may also be some settings on your TV that can affect this. On my TV if I activate the noise reduction setting under picture while watching animated shows in particular it causes a slight ghosting effect in certain scenes when a lot is happening.

  mart7 18:40 21 Apr 14

Nice explanation Beta

  Menzie 20:04 21 Apr 14

Makes sense ßeta, the juddering would be a totally different issue to what I posted earlier.

  Mary_S 21:49 21 Apr 14

Thanks for the replies.

My TV is 5 years old and I can't find the manual.However, I've exhausted all the settings options on the TV and none make a difference. Well, there wasn't any real options apart from a 'game mode'.

On the DVD player there is a 24 fps option which is currently set @ 'no'. I'm unable to change this as it says this option is only for TVs that can support 24 fps which mine can't.

What else can I try?

I bought a low end dvd player so would the higher end models have some mechanism to reduce the effect of the jadder or would I still experience some judder regardless of the price range of the player?


  Mary_S 21:58 21 Apr 14

Would buying a TV which has a 100 Hz screen be better?

  Mary_S 23:37 21 Apr 14

How do I know a TV supports 24 fps?

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