widescreen tft

  picklsey 15:15 07 Oct 05

been looking around for a w/s monitor pc word comet ect. although they have w/s they are also tv,s don,t they make just tft monitors,as i wouldn,t use the tv part.


  Hamish 15:23 07 Oct 05

look here click here

  Hamish 15:29 07 Oct 05

Also try click here. Type Widescreen TFT moniters into Google

  Rigga 15:31 07 Oct 05

Try ARIA > click here <

They have a 15" widescreen in their specials today, at £105.69 inc VAT.

They are also the only people I know that for a fee will check the monitor for dead pixels before they dispatch it. Which guarantees no dead pixels.


  Rayuk 15:50 07 Oct 05

click here
23 & 24" wide screen

  Kate B 22:46 07 Oct 05

I've got this monitor click here - it's wonderful. One thing to bear in mind, though, is that not all games, if you're a gamer, have a widescreen mode which can be a bit irritating. And you'll need a high-end graphics card if you want to run games at high resolutions on a big monitor like this.

  picklsey 05:37 08 Oct 05

thanks for replies i was really looking for a shop that i could go into and see it face to face so to speak.does anyone know what like tft tv monitors are like to use as a pc monitor.

  Wilham 20:16 08 Oct 05

picklsey: You ask about watching TV...

Kate B's monitor above lists wonderful specs, but if they are to be believed, this model is not suitable for receiving the present Pal TV transmissions.

I say this because Pal TV has a 50Hz vertical scan. It is common for the latest TV sets to use 100Hz, but anywhere between is likely to show a faint shadow show moving vertically with the frequency 'beat' with 50Hz mains. In short, Vertical scan for live UK TV must be 50Hz or a higher multiple. These numbers fall outside the vertical range of Kate B's monitor. (56Hz to 75Hz)

If it is a printing mistake I wonder how far the other specs can be trusted?

  Wilham 20:47 08 Oct 05

My above mention of the faint shadow may make the experts wince. I should have said the time of data transform for vert. freq. change of live TV without loss of definition is simply not avalable.

  picklsey 04:33 11 Oct 05

thanks for all responses.

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