Wi fi laptop, centrino best?

  dontaskme 19:03 23 Jun 03

I need to buy a top quality laptop (this week or next) that can access the internet in other countries using the 'hotspots'.
I have been advised that centrino is what i am looking for, but the range is small and the specs aren't as good for the price.

Are there different types of wi-fi? b/g etc.

What do i need to be able to access internet from abroad and at what speed?

Apart from the acer in the charts, which laptop is the best?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

  Sir Radfordin 19:10 23 Jun 03

Dell have a D Inspiron (I think) range that may be worth looking at.

There are some builders who have used the wi-fi centrino part but not the Intel processor or something else from Intel so they can't sell them as Centrino laptops. May be worth checking out.

  dontaskme 19:44 23 Jun 03

I've just read that 802.11g is faster than b. centrino is only b.
Is it worth getting a a P4m >2.5ghz and just putting a wifi card in?

  dontaskme 14:25 24 Jun 03

Is the acer the only centrino worth getting at the minute? When will the next ones be out?

Which is the best specs for a p4m laptop with a wi-fi card (or without if it is just as good to put one in later.)

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