Why do Virgin have an email address?

  gardener 18:02 09 Oct 07

I have repeatedly emailed Virgin net over the years and I have never had a single reply from them.Is this a record?

  jimmybond 18:59 09 Oct 07

no, the guinness book of records has -57 replies for continual emails and no response, as the official mark.

  birdface 23:13 12 Oct 07

Well now Virgin want to take over Nothern Rock.They can't even run Virgin Media properly.It would be one bank I would not put any of my Money into.I cannot believe that they would be allowed to buy it.As far as I know they are about 6 Billion pounds in debt at the moment.

  gardener 16:35 13 Oct 07

I recently took up Virgin's offer of a broadband and phone package for around £20. I already had a broadband account with them and the offer seemed too good to turn down.

Anyway, I applied, only to be told that I had to return to BT to get the package up and running ( I have an account with Pipex for my phone) and this would cost £70 and also would I would have to stay with them (BT) for 18 months.So obviously I couldn't have the Virgin package.

I contacted Virgin to cancel the impossible broadband and phone package and was told that I now have to re-apply for the broadband-only package that I already have.

With all the technology available, how can a simple change like this be so complicated?

  gardener 16:37 13 Oct 07

Sorry, this was supposed to be a new thread.

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