Why aren't Dell in the reviews

  OhBeardedOne 08:23 01 Jun 04

Just wondered why Dell don't seem to appear in the PC reviews section. I don't believe it is because they're bad machines, perhaps they just don't submit machines for review ?

  961 17:24 01 Jun 04

That's probably the reason

You do sometimes see reviews of their equipment in business publications

  spuds 18:38 01 Jun 04

Dell supply large quantities of computer system to the commercial section, that is probably why very few reviews are seen in the public section. I know the NHS have a special Dell package which is used by general GP practises. The whole set-up deal looks and works superbly.

  Sir Radfordin 19:40 01 Jun 04

Two possible reasons:

1) Dell don't need to - they know they can get customers without this expense

2) Dell know that in most tests their PCs wouldn't do that well. Understand however that it is not because the PCs are bad but more Dell primarily target one market segment - business users.

Dell are also one of the big players in the server market and so most of their product range is of little interest to the 'home user' or the reader of magazines such as PCA.

  anchor 20:22 01 Jun 04

Over recent months Dell spent a lot on TV advertising which was obviously aimed at the domestic market.

I don`t recall if this was terrestrial or Sky TV, but there were certainly lots of adverts for home PC`s.

  steve0 21:04 01 Jun 04

i've bought many Dell desktop machines for work. They are well made, very quiet and just do the job. Graphic cards are not that suited for gaming but for general Office work and DVd's they are fine. Have also bought many notebooks - and these are very impressive, with good battery life, superb screens (if you have the 1400x1024 option) but pretty heavy.

All of our purchases were direct on line. There are loads of different configurations that you can choose from, and perhaps this is why they don't get reviewed, as there is not really a standard model to compare.

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