yoghurt 01:12 28 Jul 05

Why do biggish companies like Time go under while small companies survive ... well, so do anyway?

  Jackcoms 08:20 28 Jul 05

Because, according to today's newspapers, Time had "fallen victim to cut-price competition, a fall in sales and was believed to be losing £2m per month since January".

With figures like that Time has obviously hired the wrong accountants/bean counters.

  Stuartli 09:36 28 Jul 05

...or a growing public conception of ever rising complaints and perceived poor after sales service...

It's sad - my first home (rather than external) system was acquired from Time in March 1996.

A Pentium 100 based setup with a 14in Hitachi monitor, 1MB graphics (which could be increased to 2MB) taken from the 16MB of RAM, a 2x (?) CD-ROM drive and a huge mass of software, it was a sale item.

Even then it cost £1,303 and a few pence...:-)

I've still got the receipt.

The Canon BJC 600e printer bought to use with it cost £394 including VAT and that was from Makro. Goodness knows what it cost retail...:-)

  sharpy05 09:54 28 Jul 05

i bought a PC from tiny just before chrismas and i had quite literally got it out of the box an plugged it in ans it didnt work, it had to be sent back to have a hard drive replaced. I got it back a week later, used it for around 30-35 mins and it just shut itself off and would come back on so thats when i packed it back up and got a refund!

  Pooke 11:50 28 Jul 05

Big companies become complacent is my opinion.

A smaller company will worry about each and every customer, because generally the owners are the staff on the floor and they have vested interests in the business. Where are as staff at a big firm, think, "hey the pain in the ass customers need us, we don't need them!" which we know is completely wrong.

My old business teacher told us that a happy customer will tell very little but an unhappy one will tell all. Maybe Time/Tiny just had too many unhappy ones.


  Jackcoms 14:23 28 Jul 05

"Big companies become complacent is my opinion".

Not necessarily so. I have a Dell PC and a Dell laptop. Dell are THE largest computer manufacturer in the world.

Now, whilst I will agree that their customer service is not always of the best, their kit is absolutely first class.

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