Who do i complain to about staff at sainbury.

  finerty 16:37 29 Sep 11

I would be grateful if someone can give me the head office address for Sainbury's supermarkets. I need to complain about a member of their staff.

Many thanks

  interzone55 17:15 29 Sep 11

Always best to complain to the store manager in the first instance.

If you Google Sainsbury Head Office Address you get

Sainsbury's Store Support Centre 33 Holborn London EC1N 2HT

Switchboard: 020 7695 6000 Fax: 020 7695 7610


  wiz-king 18:18 29 Sep 11

I would write to the store manager in the first instance.

  Forum Editor 18:52 29 Sep 11

The right way to go about this is to complain to the store manager, as the others have said. It's only fair to give him or her the chance to deal with your complaint in the first instance.

  hastelloy 20:09 29 Sep 11

I agree with what has already been said. If you still aren't satisfied you can email their CEO - [email protected]

  ams4127 23:00 29 Sep 11

Maybe the fact that Finerty asked for the head office address is because his complaint is with the store manager.

Alan14 has the right information.

  spuds 00:02 30 Sep 11

My experiences with Sainburys is to make the initial complaint to the stores general or duty manager. Writing to Sainsburys direct, usually brings a response that the complaint as been past onto the store manager that you are complaining about, with a possible goodwill voucher enclosed. And that is usually the end of it?.

I now take the same direct action with any store that I have a problem with, then follow this up with a letter, if I regard the stores explanation isn't to customer service standards.

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