Who to complain to re: websites not working properly

  LanceAlot 16:24 06 Sep 12

There's two websites which have customer support but some of the pages aren't working properly because the drop-down menus make it impossible to proceed to the following pages. One is Bupa and the other is Samsung. Neither is easy to contact by email to get a response (go figure).

Is there a higher body I can complain to?

  tullie 17:28 06 Sep 12

I had a problem with a few sites,i ran ccleaner,this solved my problem.

  Woolwell 20:06 06 Sep 12

I don't have a problem with the BUPA site and I don't have a difficulty with Samsung but it may help to state which site that it is. The contact page on BUPA's site had a feedback form and the accessibility page gives tip for viewing the webpage.

Samsung has this page.

Which browser are you using? I think that it may be a problem on your system.

  mikef. 20:12 06 Sep 12

I was on the Samsung site yesterday with no problems

  morddwyd 20:33 06 Sep 12

"Is there a higher body I can complain to?"

Not really. Companies run their websites as they see fit, and unless they actually defraud or mislead it's their problem.

Bit like finding your local Tesco is shut at 10.00am - you can complain to head office but that is about all.

  wiz-king 14:01 07 Sep 12

9)A lot of website have a 'webmaster' link, usually at the bottom of the home page.

Most of the complaints I get about our website are people using older PC's with old browsers (or IE 9 - which is not compatible with published web standards)

  Forum Editor 00:04 09 Sep 12

I found no problems with the BUPA site. There's a comprehensive email contact form which is pretty easy to find. Click here if you want to use it

Samsung also has easy-to-find email information too. Click here for that

  CommandJG 05:41 14 Sep 12

Same here. The problem was solved when I ran CCleaner.

  Ventad 16:13 15 Sep 12

I was having this problem after some updates. Took me a while to get the answer try this:- Ie9/tools/manage add-ons/ and disable Shockwave Flash Object . everything is flying again.

  Ventad 16:21 15 Sep 12

I installed Samsung Kies thought it was that, and after I followed its installation path I was not happy about it (might just be me) so I uninstalled it with revo uninstaller and it found that after the programme did a self uninstal there were still 3,800 files left in the directory, lot of ticking of boxes to do.

  Ventad 11:08 16 Sep 12

My post Yesterday at 4:13PM .

Just found out that adobe flash player had done an automatic update to adobe 11, at the same time that my problems started, I have unistalled 11 and reinstalled the earlier or previous adobe10 as well as re-inabling adobe shockwave object and everthing operating OK again.

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