Who to buy from

  Che201259 13:36 PM 11 Aug 11

I need a new PC - one with dedicated graphics for HD output to a HD ready monitor - spending about £500-£600; so I bought a few mags and read some reviews - often coming out best were companies I had never heard from but these seemed to be what I wanted and (when compared with Dell costs etc) looked a bargain - so I went to some sites and made a choice and then read customer feedback - all machines were what I wanted but the feedback was invariably bad - I have moved from Dino PC - Arbico - PCSpecialist - where to now, Chillblast, Overclockers, CCL....

I think I know what i want and what I want to spend - but who can I or should I buy from


  wiz-king 13:47 PM 11 Aug 11
  iscanut2 14:04 PM 11 Aug 11

Chillblast or Cougar Extreme are worth a look.

  ams4127 16:14 PM 11 Aug 11

It's one of the peculiarites of life that you will always find bad reviews of companies, but seldom find good ones.

Mesh is a prime example having more bad press in these forums than virtually any other, yet mine arrived on time and has worked perfectly ever since.

I'm sincerely glad that I never read those bad reviews because I would never have bought what has turned out to be an excellent machine, if I had.

  interzone55 17:16 PM 11 Aug 11

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