Which Wireless modem router will do the job?

  Roy* 12:32 20 Jan 09

I’m Looking for a wireless modem for desk top PC, Xbox 360 live and laptop around the house including upstairs. The Xbox is in a converted garage so the signal needs to transfer through external brick walls. Will this do the job?

Netgear DG834N RANGEMAX 270MBPS Wireless ADSL modem router

  HondaMan 15:29 20 Jan 09


click here

  Roy* 09:22 23 Jan 09

Do you know if this is OK to send wireless signal through walls. I'm looking for something that will work Xbox live in a converted garage, with pc in the main house?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:00 23 Jan 09

If you have leccy powr from the house you need these, especially for gaming......click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:05 23 Jan 09

more specifically click here and read the reviews.


  Roy* 10:55 23 Jan 09

So can you just take me through the set up principle.

So if I get wireless router modem thing (Belkin seems to be the recommended choice), I then I need these powerline homplug adapters so they would go where? One by the modem and one in the garage room (other side of the wall), do they require any cables or mains power? Then I need to connect to get that wireless adapter thing for the Xbox live (up to £60) so we’re looking at a complex arrangement but is this the best way?

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