Which Tablet should I buy? Need some advice please!!!!

  lyndaokane33 20:07 18 Jun 13

I'm a total novice to tablet's so I am in need of some advice...

I will be using it for generally surfing the net, my son (3 years old) will be using it for watching movies when we're on holidays/ on long journey's/ to keep him quiet for an hour or two and also for him to play games on. So I suppose a decent capacity for storing downloaded movies will be important? And something a child can download & play games on. I don't want to spend more than £200 if possible.

  mole1944 05:44 19 Jun 13

I have a Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1, I know it's way of your budget at £249 but it's memory expandable unlike it's more expensive rival, easy to use and as it uses the android operating system shed loads of apps for your delectation. I also paid a for a case of amazon as these are after all delicate items, my grandson uses his dads ipad with ease and he was only three when he picked it up, children are brighter than we take them for. One thing to note make sure you don't give the password to your son as extra lives can cost you ££££ before you know it your up a huge bill best not give your card details to buy apps to google that way your safe from "didn't know the extras cost" syndrome.

  chub_tor 19:25 19 Jun 13

If you are looking for a maximum spend of £200 you will not get a good branded 10" tablet, however this 10" tablet from Amazon has a good spec, good reviews and is expandable to 32Gb. Might be worth a punt but as mole1944 says, get a case for it, saves a lot of heartache when it slips out of a small person's hands. Make sure that the case protects the corners as that is the most vulnerable spot.

  rdave13 23:17 19 Jun 13

A 7" tablet is much more portable. I'd go for the Nexus 7. 16 GB non expandable but more than enough for games and browsing.


Be aware you can't connect it to a TV without wireless connection. No HDMI port.

  rdave13 23:33 19 Jun 13

Link didn't work so I'll try again, Link to N7

Another one to compare is, Ainol, with two cameras but no GPS feature. Having said that the Nexus GPS feature is poor without Wi-Fi. Ainol also able to expand internal memory. Company removes the Chinese features and install the latest Android software. Worth a look.


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