Which spec. is best?

  griffo 12:01 05 Mar 05

I need a new laptop (broken the screen on my HP Omnibook XE3) and I'm looking at Acers - they seem to have good value/reliability, they also do 12 months interest-free credit. However, I'm undecided which model to go for. The Aspire 1672WLMi is an Intel P4 with a bus speed of800MHz and clock speed of 3000MHz, L2 cache 1024kb or the 1682WLMi, an Intel PMCentrino with Bus speed of 400MHz and clock speed of 1600MHz, L2 cache 2048kb.
As I don't understand what any of the above means, how does a layman know which is fastest/best? The costs are virtually the same.
Advice would be much appreciated.

  TomJerry 20:04 05 Mar 05

if you want portable, light weight, long battery life and quiet, go for Centrino

if you want a desktop replacement go for P4, but maybe noisy

1.6GHz in centrino is about the same as 2.6GHz in P4 which is not far from 3GHz

  griffo 07:13 06 Mar 05

thanks for that. Is the difference in noise levels very noticeable? I see that the P4 only has a 1 hour battery life and the Centrino has 2 hours. Both these seem poor don't you think?

  TomJerry 15:08 06 Mar 05

as for noise, it is very subjective and depends on the quality of laptop cooling system and personal tolerance of noise. I have very low noise tolerance, so I always make an issue of noise. Most of my PCs are fanless and almost silent

  griffo 16:45 06 Mar 05

thanks again. Not sure which direction to go in, long battery life isn't really important, I like quiet and fast. I don't need to do anything fancy, so graphics aren't important but a good size clear screen is (like the look of the 15.4" widescreens). I'm thinking of spending IRO £800 ish (inc VAT), any suggestions would be welcome.

  TomJerry 17:19 06 Mar 05

PCWorld has some good offers, I would go for Centrino ones if you do not play heavy games



Acer has many great value for money models

ACER ASPIRE 1522WLMi Athlon 64 3000 512MB (2x256) 80GB DVDRW Dual 15.4TFT XPHome LX.A4105.072 click here

ACER TM 4101WLMi PM 730 1.6GHz 512Mb (2x256) 60GB DVDRW Dual 15.4TFT XPHome LX.T6705.022 click here

  griffo 17:30 06 Mar 05

Many thanks for your help - plenty to think about here - cheers.

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