Which PDA

  jaritch 16:09 22 Dec 05

Advice please.

am looking to buy a PDA with money I get from santa. At the moment it is between the Hp ipaq rx 1950 and the palm Tx. have looked at various reviews and can't make up my mind. Anyone have any of these or indeed suggest any alternatives. Can't spend more than £250 and definately want wi-fi

  puma22 16:23 22 Dec 05

Hi Jaritch, imho the palm is the better option. I have the t3 which is 2 models behind the Tx and it works well. Very stable and can do all i wnat which is gps, documents, diary and contacts.

  ade.h 17:35 22 Dec 05

That's not just Puma22's humble opinion; the Tungstens get consistently very good reviews.

  jaritch 18:16 22 Dec 05

Looks like the Palm is out in front, thanks guys I will keep this thread open for a bit and see if there are any other comments.

  ton 19:57 22 Dec 05

I've had my Ipaq 2210 for more than two years. It has been excellent and does everything from GPS to music.

Would certainly buy again.

  HXP 02:33 23 Dec 05

I have had one for two years and it is fast and because it is an older model some very good deals on it.

bright screen good ergonomics 400 mhz processoer takes both CF & SD cards

Runs Tom Tom 5 very well

MP3, Video, office applications all run fast with no probs

It is also a progammable remote control for all your sevices Tv Vider etc

Loads of games / educational software.

Good battery life 4 hrs with screen light on probably 6> with it off.

Syncs no probs with my pc & can charge off the PC usb port (CABLE ABOUT £10)

HP support fantastic - very helpful when I raised a technical query.

click here


Lots of free software below

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  Forum Editor 06:59 23 Dec 05

and although I have never been a PDA fan (iPaq was a gift from a client) I have found that I have come to rely upon it for email on the move. Its wireless adaptability is superb, and in all respects it does exactly what you would want one of these devices to do.

I'm particularly impressed with the battery life.

  Terrycot 07:39 23 Dec 05

Excellent I am never without it used for contacts, tasks, appointments, wireless internet access etc. Runs TomTom Nav 5 very well. I like to read so have a selection of ebooks on a compact flash card.

  interzone55 08:35 23 Dec 05

I've always been a fan of Palms, from experience of collegues who own Windows PDAs, that the battery lasts longer in a Palm.

This advantage is offset by the fact that Windows PDAs work seemlessly with a Windows PC, whereas my, admittedly aged, Palm won't synchronise my outlook emails properly.

At the end of the day it's down to what you get used to, and which one works the way you want to. I've got to say that the Palm T|X looks gorgeous though click here

  jaritch 09:17 23 Dec 05

Thanks everyone for the feedback. It is all very helpful. The ipaq 4700 mentioned by Terrycot looks excellent but out of my price range. The 2210 also looks great but at Amazon seems to be a used one for that price.

Before I close this off tomorrow, going back to the beginning of the thread, does anyone have any of the two models specified? I would like to hear from someone who is using one of them.

Thanks again

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