Which pc should i get for extreme gaming?

  Rickyv 13:22 18 Apr 04

Hi, Which PC is better for extreme gaming? i have been looking for a computer with just the base unit (no monitor etc) on the internet for less than £600 for extreme gaming and i have found these two. Which one do you think would suit my needs best or do you know where i can get a better one without self building for about the same price. Bear in mind they will both have a 9800 all in wonder graphics card like the Tiny has. The links are:

click here

click here

Thanks for the help

  TomJerry 16:50 18 Apr 04

Graphics Card is the most important part for game. So, it think you better to get a 9800 Pro or better.

although probably about twice the price of your budget, look at alienware

  arricarry 17:55 18 Apr 04

The Radeon 9800XT is about as good as it gets at the moment, but it is expensive. Would take half your budget on its own.

  I. T. Mastermind 18:56 18 Apr 04

Alienware is supposed to be very good, however very expensive.

click here

  byfordr 07:25 19 Apr 04

Go for the Mesh, (out of those 2) remember Tiny is supported by Time. You may get more for your money if your buy a pc without a graphics card, then add it in yourself afterwards. £150 or so for 9800pro. click here= £155

click here


  byfordr 07:28 19 Apr 04

Also 256mb is not enough! Particularly for a gaming machine...


  simonp1 08:01 19 Apr 04

Personlly i build my own for gaming, that way i get whats impotant. If you cant build your own why not get a local shop to build one to your design. Belive me you get a far better offer and i have found them to be a great help when needed.

  tomleady 09:36 19 Apr 04

you will need at least 2.5 ghz processor, and 512 ram.

then get a Radeon 9800 Pro. that will let you play the lastest games.

  TomJerry 12:33 19 Apr 04

if you build yourself.

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