Which PC provider?

  JeffDH 16:49 12 Jan 12

I am looking at buying a new desktop system. I have an old mesh going on 5 yrs or so running XP. I know know Mesh went into administration and were bought out. So I am wondering which companies are reliable? I am looking at a spend of 500-600 can be a bit above. Needs to support firewire. Will be used for digital imaging and videos mostly and office etc.

Thanks Jeff

  ams4127 17:08 12 Jan 12

You pose a question which is almost impossible to answer!

Your best bet is to look at the manufacturers whose machines are reviewed in this (and other) magazines.

The problem is that, regardless of the maker's reputation, you might just get the one model which gives problems and that, to you, would destroy your faith in that company. Yet everyone else swears by them.

I'm afraid the old saying "you pays your money and makes your choice" is the only way to go.

  spuds 17:28 12 Jan 12

Agree with the above comments. Look for reviews, and base your own opinion from them. You can always come back to the forum, and ask for further help or advice on any computer that seems to fit the bill and budget.

Whatever you decide,or where you purchase from, make sure that the warranty is insurance 'ring-fenced', or pay by credit card for future protection.

  100andthirty 21:15 12 Jan 12

You don't say how much you want to spend!!

Novatech have a good reputation and If you talk to them I'm sure they would incorporate a firewire card; their standard configurations don't seem to have this feature.

A Core i5 processor would be Ok for video and if you can run to it an core i7 processor even better.

You might also want to investigate a good local company with custom that will make custom pcs.Roughly where do you live?

  chub_tor 22:18 12 Jan 12

We all have our favourite suppliers and mine is ebuyer Click Here and they have a number of PCs in your price range. Nothing wrong with Googling Amazon either or if you want to play really safe then Dell.

  Pine Man 12:04 13 Jan 12

100and thirty

You don't say how much you want to spend!!

Look again;-)

  100andthirty 19:26 13 Jan 12

Oops.. screw head back on and read OP's post properly!

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