Which P.C is best for viewing NBA Game Time

  ramyramsdale 11 Nov 12

Guys, i've currently got a Acer Aspire 5740 with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator and I was wondering if another computer is better suited so that i can watch the the N.B.A without a judder affect.As it stands I get about 10% judder and a HD picture.I've also got up to 1GIG Mbps.I'm a complete novice so please keep it simple and easy.Thanks,Paul

  Nontek 12 Nov 12

I am not a basketball fan myself, but if you want a better PC performance, then the one you have is pretty useless - it is great for normal everyday PC use but NOT for gaming.

You should get another PC which has a dedicated Graphics card and more RAM, your 1Gb RAM is quite poor by today's standards. Also make sure that your new PC has the latest Codecs installed - you can find out more information about Codecs on Google!

You should also have at least Win7 as the Operating System (OS), this is because any earlier OS will not accept more than 4Gb RAM, with Win7 you can have 8Gb RAM.

Good luck - I hope your budget can stand the extra cost!

  ramyramsdale 12 Nov 12

ok thanks for that, now if your goodself or any one can recommend a decent priced laptop bout £600 Max ? would be gratefull. Ta Paul

  Nontek 12 Nov 12
  ramyramsdale 12 Nov 12

Once again thanks, but i have another question,would the NIVIDIA 1GB Graphics card be big enough to let me watch the N.B.A via the internet smoothly with no judder?? They do a 2GB Graphics card with a i7 processor but that would max me out price wise Appreciate any help with this.Paul

  Nontek 12 Nov 12

You will not need a dedicated video card, this laptop's built-in nVidia 1Gb graphics is well up to the job!

The i5 processor and 8Gb RAM compliments the nVidio graphics.

  Nontek 12 Nov 12

Plus of course, your Router and ISP broadband speed count too, the faster the better.

  Woolwell 13 Nov 12

Reading this through I don't think that the ability to play games is required. The problem is watching NBA. What is your download speed? If it is poor then no matter whatever laptop you get you will still get judder.

  ramyramsdale 14 Nov 12

Hi, My download speed is 8.5 ?? via my ISP Sky. The picture quality is HD the problem is that i get about 10% "judder" so i guess if i want judder free i'll have to go via the fibre optic cable route.Thanks for all the advice.


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