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Which operating system? Suggestions please.

  Effie 20:40 10 Feb 04

I'm thinking of getting a new windows operating system for my new PC.I'm currently using Windows 98 SE but feel I need to get something newer.

Have seen on E-Bay that there is a Home Edition of Windows XP which I've never heard of. Anyone know anything about it? All other suggestions gratefully received. Thanks

  wags 21:15 10 Feb 04

Windows XP Home Edition is bundled with the vast majority of new PCs and is an excellent OS. For 99.99% of home users this is the best way to go. the 'professional' version is over-kill for most ppl.

  powerless 21:46 10 Feb 04

Yes Windows XP | click here

Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade Cen | click here

Very stable, easy on the eye.

  spuds 23:31 10 Feb 04

If you want to use XP,try here click here and check out Quickfind 50264 and Qickfind 52362

  DieSse 23:56 10 Feb 04

Wherever you buy it from ensure you get the latest issue CD with Service Pack 1a included.

  y_not 05:59 11 Feb 04

I use Windows 2000 & Windows XP - both are excellent operating systems.

My version of XP is the Professional copy as I bought this as an upgrade Academic License which only cost me £46 from Insight.com

I don't mean to be rude but it might be worth checking that all your hardware is supported by Windows XP. Microsoft Upgrade Advisor can be downloaded to check that all will be okay from click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:05 11 Feb 04

If your OS is running OK there is little point in going to the hassle of upgrading to XP. Consider a reformat to clean out all the rubbish. If you are seriously into computing then XP is worth getting to see the differences. If you mainly use the computer for word processing and surfing the net I would stick with 98.


  Diodorus Siculus 07:47 11 Feb 04

What specification is your machine? That knowledge will allow a more informed suggestion about a suitable OS.

If it came with Win98, then that is likely to be the best OS for you.

  Stuartli 09:17 11 Feb 04

Have you never heard of XP or just the Home version?

Either case brings disbelief...:-)

XP Home is the basic system and suits most people's requirements - XP Pro is more business, network and security orientated.

Find out all about both Home and Pro at Microsoft's website:

click here

I run XP Pro quite happily on a (basically) four-year-old Celeron 400MHz based system with 256MB of RAM.

  JerryJay 10:59 11 Feb 04

Best M$OS so far Win2K!

  wee eddie 11:01 11 Feb 04

I run both.

Unless you have a high spec PC, you are likely to see little or no advantage and any number of problems with the drivers for all the Legacy (that may mean, anything designed more than 4 years ago) Equipment that you have.

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