which new graphics card?

  jezzabevan 23:26 05 Jan 07

Currently have an Nvidia Geforce FX5200 which tho a few years old is fine for my needs - very little gaming - BUT just about to buy a new TFT monitor (prob a Samsung SM225BW - any comments anyone?) and would like to make use of the DVI input facility. Also nice to have a TV facilty too. Anyone got any recommendations? - needs to be a PCI card and does not need to be the latest hottest fastest model - ie well under £100 I hope.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 01:10 06 Jan 07
  terryf 06:08 06 Jan 07

PCI or PCI express?

  jezzabevan 07:33 06 Jan 07

thanks for link to Toms hardware reviews Arthur. Terryf - bit thick over here, how do I find out what type of PCI I have?

  jezzabevan 07:46 06 Jan 07

Just installed sisooft sandra - seems I have an AGP slot for my graphics card after all!

  vinnyT 12:26 06 Jan 07

XFX 6800 XT £81.87 Inc VAT click here

XFX 7600GS £95.18 Inc VAT click here

Sapphire Radeon X1600Pro £75.16 Inc VAT click here

Any of those will do for what you want, so long as you don't expect to play the latest games in all their glory.

If you really arn't bothered about gaming, then you may as well get the last as it is the cheapest

Hope this helps.

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