Which motherboard?

  prodway 09:51 01 Jan 04

Hi,im looking to upgrade my click here (jetway V266b)in the near future as i have been told its dated and its a bottle neck in my system(2000Athlonxp,ati9600pro,512ddrram,soundblaster,WinXP),but i have only recently bought some pc2100 ddr ram so i need the mboard to accomidate this,ill also be looking to buy a new athlon3000CPU once iv saved a few more pennies.Id spend up to £100 on my mboard,Any ideas as im lost.Cheers.Paul.

  crimbo 10:30 01 Jan 04

You'll probably have more luck with responses if you post this in the Help room forum, but i'll be watching with intrest, because i'm in the same position! Regards, Kevin

  Rusty Bullet Hole 11:05 01 Jan 04

I recommend the asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev 2. I've got one and it has all you will need as well as being fast.

  Joe McG 11:26 01 Jan 04

As above Asus A7N8X, or MSI K7N2.

  marcopolo232 13:07 01 Jan 04

I go with ASUS A7N8X. I am planning to buy/assemble a new computer and doing some research and this mobo keeps coming up, both with sellers and independent forums. Haven't used it though, but things are going this way for me.

  Rayuk 13:14 01 Jan 04

Can reccommend the deluxe version of this board[that is if you need the extras it provides]
Only thing to note it is picky with ram so you have to be careful using any type of generic ram
I have used Crucial PC2100 no problems and also Corsair PC2700 and 3200[though this is not the cheap option]

  14flashgordon 13:52 01 Jan 04

Well in our house we have 3 different mobo's. gigabyte ga-7vt600, asus a7n8x and abit kv7. All are very fast, reliable and easy to overclock. The only real diffence being the slightly different facilities offered and of course price. In my opinion PC component specifications change so quickly its not worth paying more than you really have to, as long as you get the spec that serves your purposes.

happy new year :)

The Asus mobo is a good board, but have now changed to Abit K7 series which also includes very useful SATA connections. Also of interest is the IDED sockets which are turned on end 90 degrees which makes connecting IDED hard drives a lot easier. Downside is that these connections are at the bottom of the board so you will need a longer than normal ribbon cable.

For IDED in the above post, please read IDE :-)

  Allan-263226 16:57 02 Jan 04

One of the best boards about at the moment is Abit NF7-S v2.0 nForce2.

They are used by many oc'ers and come very highly recommended.

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