Which modem for use with Metronet?

  retroman 09:57 21 May 04

I am planning to go broadband with Metronet and therefore need to buy an ADSL modem. I know nothing about such things and wonder if anyone can advise me as to what I should be looking for. Prices seem to vary pretty widely, the cheapest I've seen is about £18 (from Dabs) going to upwards of £150. Will I be able to get away with one at the cheap end or do I need to splash out a bit?

Any advice gratefully received.

  Raywood 11:12 21 May 04

It depends on the performance that you want. I think that any broadband modem should work. However I am not 100% certain. The cheaper models tend to have a USB connection to the computer. This means that your computer has to be USB enabled and with Windows 98/SE/ME/2000 or XP. I am assuming that you use windows. Other systems can also work with USB.

Hope this makes sense

  TomJerry 12:44 21 May 04

If you want to share internet connection by adding more computers, you do not need to buy again. The one I use with plusnet £38 adsl modem with 4 port router click here. I cannot say it is the best, but it work for me perfectly well, so do for many other users. This one can be flash upgrade (very easy) to have a firewall function. The router option normally work with network port (the one I mention can work with usb), if your PC has not network connection, you can add a network card for £4.69 click here.

Each phone line needs a microfilter which costs £1.47 click here

If you want "branded" one, get a d-link for £46 click here

  Dipso 22:47 21 May 04

If you don't feel you need a router as you only have 1 PC to connect for example, then I recommend the USB modem that I use.

click here

They are selling it for £36.41 inc VAT and delivery.

It is very easy to set up, just load the software and plug it in. As it is popular, there is lots of help available if you should need it (although very unlikely).

I have no loss in performance and IMHO there is no need to spend any more than this.

If you don't mind using Ebay, there are always plenty of new/nearly new ones to be had for anything up to £15 click here

By the way, I am also connected to Metronet.

  computernerdiamnot 03:00 22 May 04

I can support what Dipso has said i got one from my ISP Virgin BB it works a treat, and looks stylish, easy to set up and comes with its own diagnostic software.

  retroman 21:33 22 May 04

Thanks for your help, I have only the one PC so I'm going to go for a modem without a router.

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