Which Laptop should I Choose?

  JoMel Nadredd 21 Jul 12

Looking into buying a new Laptop as a desktop replacment and can't decide between

Toshiba Satellite L875-10G Or HP Pavilion dv7-6c54ea

Both for sale on Amazon for around £630

Want a 17" with a bit of future proofing

Any help appreciated


  frybluff 21 Jul 12

Technically the Toshiba "shades it", plus, as a company, I would tend to favour Toshiba, anyway, but that's just my opinion.

It does depend, a bit, on what you want to use laptop for eg games, photography, office etc. If you can give some indication, on that, it may be possible to advise further, or suggest alternatives, to consider.

  JoMel Nadredd 22 Jul 12

Just want a decent family computer, a good all rounder that's going to last a while and let us do a bit of eveything, I've been looking for a while and always come back to the DV7, don't know why, but it was around the £800 mark and now it's down to £600. Then I read a few reviews on the Toshiba and it sounds good. I know it's a minefield with so many products on the market so I thought I'd ask people with a lot more knowledge than me.

Thanks for any advice


  frybluff 22 Jul 12

For all round use, there's not that much to choose, although still think the Toshiba slightly better, in general, plus, as a company, would tend to favour Toshiba, anyway.

The sound system, on the HP, is supposed to be quite good, but have heard there can be heat issues, with some dv7's, but don't know if that applies to this particular model. Check out user reviews, on Amazon, on that point.

If buying from Amazon MARKETPLACE (ie independant sellers, advertising on Amazon), make sure you check seller reviews. Some on marketplace are very good, others less so!

  JoMel Nadredd 22 Jul 12

Thank you, another question, AMD or Intel?


  chub_tor 24 Jul 12

My opinion - Intel at the moment, the i5 is a great laptop processor.

  JGeek 21 Aug 12

I think you might like this laptop: ASUS K73SD-DS51

It has a really good graphics and processor for this price and if you upgrade RAM, which will cost you only $30 - you will have an outstanding desktop replacement laptop. Adding RAM is easy and will take about 15 minutes first time.

  Avodat 21 Aug 12

The HP laptops chosen by my family have only lasted a couple years before something goes wrong - dvd drive failing on more than one, space bar coming off on another (which couldn't be repaired) and screen problems. I have always chosen Toshiba and have had no great problems at all. I shall keep on buying them. Just avoid Toshiba tablets esp. the new AT300 (as it is known in the UK); see my post on here re usb problems with it.

  charlie1973 21 Sep 12

Hi Paul,

I work with Dell and have a Latitude myself. For the £600 mark check out Inspiron 15 Great 15" laptop for daily tasks like checking email and surfing the web. You can see here the Dell Laptop Deals

  rickf 21 Sep 12

Yes, for that king of money I would go for the intel i5

  arahman 04 Oct 12

Go for a macbook and install windows, it'll be a 2 in 1 and you'll get free programs with the mac


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