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  Tracey73 04 Apr 13


Having to re-type all this as for some reason when I clicked on publish thread it just disappeared, so apologies if it happens to appear twice!

I'm wanting to buy a new laptop, if possible from the above site. I have a voucher for here, I can pay for it over three months interest free and it has very competitive prices, which will help a lot since I'm on a budget. There are a good few laptops in the sale, I've been pondering over the HPs, the Toshiba C855D-16J, which has been reduced by £100, and the Lenovo S405, reduced by £150. I'm looking to spend between £350 and £400 give or take a little, and it will be used for general internet (research, shopping, forums, banking etc), emails, photography, streaming films and TV, a little gaming (nothing that would require a gaming specific laptop). Could somebody please point me in the right direction, I welcome any advice!


  Forum Editor 04 Apr 13

The Lenovo is thin and stylish, but its display quality is not the best.

My choice would be the Toshiba.

  Tracey73 04 Apr 13

Thanks for your reply, have to admit the Toshiba was the one I was swaying towards, and I can't find this particular model any cheaper elsewhere. Plus there is a free case and mouse thrown in with the Toshiba, not that that held much influence!

  Forum Editor 04 Apr 13

The Toshiba's main weak spot is its keyboard - its key action has been described as 'shallow and indistinct'.

If you are going to be doing a lot of typing you might want to think again. Remember that you are in the budget laptop price bracket here, and most machines in this market sector are going to have some drawbacks.

  Tracey73 04 Apr 13

I'm really not sure about the Toshiba anymore after doing further research and looking at other laptops, plus there's the keyboard weakness. If I went up to £500 and purchase from whoever has the best deal would there be any particular laptops that you recommend?


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