Which laptop?

  twicetwit 10:15 13 Jul 07

I've found two laptops which look to be very good spec for the price. They have a similar spec, the msin difference appears to be the display (the Samsung is 15 inch and the Asus 14). Oh, and the SAmsung has 2 USB ports the Asus has 4.

the Samsung - click here

the Asus - click here

Can't decide which would be better. Any thoughts, advice? And could anyone tell me if the graphics card is the same?

  PalaeoBill 11:31 13 Jul 07

For that money you can have a Dell with twice as much RAM and a higher definition camera.

  twicetwit 11:47 13 Jul 07

Oh really? With the same (or better) CPU? Please show me (and with separate graphics)!

  Holty001 11:50 13 Jul 07

Take a look at this: click here
Great laptop at great price. next day delivery!!!

  twicetwit 12:16 13 Jul 07

That is an excellent deal. Two misgivings though. 1st, it's not the latest chip. 'santa Rosa' are the latest models.

and the graphics card, is it DirectX 10?

  Holty001 12:31 13 Jul 07

you can download DirectX 10 no problem. this company really are good. given them a call on 01782 375486 and they will answer any question.

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