Which Deesktop Computer?

  webber_man 12:39 27 Nov 03

My sister has asked me to help her find a good deal on a desktop and was wondering what you guys would recommend?

It's for the home and to be used by my niece and nephew for games and the internet with my sister using it for work too (Word and Excel etc.). I have a desktop that is a couple of years old now and knowing what i know now i think she should have a PC with the biggest hardrive possible (maybe at least 60-80GB), at least 512RAM, with a decent graphics card and sound card, CDRW/DVD and the best processor for games/internet/music. I have looked a bit but not too much - thought i'd get some pointers here first.

I have looked at click here and the Aries desktops they offer - what are these like, has anyone got one? I thought something like an HP would be better?

Any ideas/recommendations would be appreciated.


  Allan-263226 12:53 27 Nov 03

What budget does she have?

  wags 12:56 27 Nov 03

To narrow it down a bit, what's the approx budget including VAT ?

  wags 12:57 27 Nov 03

LOL. Mad_allan's post wasn't there when I was typing mine !!

  webber_man 13:02 27 Nov 03

I knew i'd forgotten something!

She has up to £800.

  wags 13:05 27 Nov 03

click here for PCA Superbudget reviews

  Stuartli 13:16 27 Nov 03

Dixons is doing the Medion today only for £799 because of Aldi's offer - but you'll have to add a monitor it would seem in both cases.

17in monitors new from around £85, previously owned from about half that and 19in and upwards still around the same price or slightly more as a new 17in.

My son got a still pretty recent 21in Dell pre-owned for £109 including delivery - still in first class condition and with splendid image. It's very probably a Dell rebadged Sony or Mitsubishi monitor.

  siliconbits 19:28 27 Nov 03

Stuart li : From where?

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