which anti-virus/firewall ?

  Robin0759 16:45 25 Feb 05

My Norton anti-virus and firewall software is due for renewal !

What is the latest concencus of opinion, regarding who is giving the best service in these areas?

  Belatucadrus 17:52 25 Feb 05
  Starfox 18:03 25 Feb 05

Anti virus click here and click here

Firewall click here

Full list click here

  Diodorus Siculus 18:05 25 Feb 05

Trawling through all the previous threads is one way of doing it...

I like Avast Free from Avast.com and Sygate personal free from sygate.com

  blanco 18:24 25 Feb 05

Out of interest in the last issue of Which the Zone Alarm double came out tops.

  freaky 18:43 25 Feb 05

I personally, provided you have found Norton satisfactory to date, would recommend that you do not renew your subscription, but buy the latest version of Norton Internet Security.

It is a very good package i.e. Firewall, AVI and AntiSpam. Been using it for some years now and find it excellent all round.

I know you can get free downloads of Firewalls and AVI. But they do not necessarily work well together because they are from different suppliers, and can cause conflicts in operation.

Whereas Norton is an integrated package this problem would not arise.

  JayDay 18:45 25 Feb 05

For me I prefer Avast AntiVirus (email configuration and updating was better than AVG) and Zonealarm for my firewall.

Whatever you decide don't pay a penny. There is no need. Plenty of free stuff available

  kinger 22:21 25 Feb 05

Trend Micro is the easiest to use and won an award in PC Magazine for finding more viruses than any other software in the review.

It's called PC Cillin' and contains protection by way of a firewall and anti-virus.

It updates automatically for ease of use.

  maz2 23:22 26 Feb 05

I also use Trend Micro and have done for 2 years with no problem, it's an all in one package with very regular updates also very handy if you have a home or wireless network as it will automatically detect the other computer on the network for you

  smy13 19:27 02 Mar 05

ttp://click here

  Sans le Sou 12:08 03 Mar 05

April edition of PC Pro(126) has Panda Platinum internet security 2005 on it, with 6 months updates. May tide you over until you decide on any others if you do not continue with Panda.

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