Which 19" WS TFT (Choice of 3)

  PaulB2005 18:04 20 Aug 07

Can you help me decide on one of these??

Hanns G HGHW191 19" Widescreen TFT Monitor
click here

9 out of 9 reviews from buyers gave it 5/5.

Samsung SyncMaster SM920NW 19" Widescreen TFT Flat Panel Monitor / Silver
click here

Big brand name but no reviews.

Third choice - but not really considering it...

VideoSeven V7 R19W01 19" Widescreen TFT Monitor
click here

4 out of 4 reviews from buyers gave it 5/5.

Like the Hanns because it has the digital input - my g-card has both DVI and D-SUB and i currently run two CRT monitors. The TFT will replace one of them for now....

Stick with the Samsung brand? Go with the real world Hanns reviews? Save £20 and get the VideoSeven?

All responses gratefully received.

  ambra4 16:04 21 Aug 07


I have a VideoSeven V7 R19W01 19" Widescreen picture perfect never had a problem once you use 1440 X 900 Resolution, brought this one as price was just right at the time

If I had a choice at the time I would have brought the Samsung but price was very high at that time

Note the response time for the Samsung and VideoSeven is 5 ms where the Hanns is 8 ms

The lower the response time is the faster the display would refresh which helps in playing games, some of the new LCD now have a 2 ms response time

I would go with the Samsung at that price with my eyes close

  PaulB2005 16:55 21 Aug 07

Thanks. Shame the Samsung doesn't have a DVI input though....

Did see a HP W19E (5ms and DVI input) on PCW for £110 but no stock!!!!

  PaulB2005 17:10 21 Aug 07

If it comes back in stoick might have to get this - click here

5ms and DVI input....

  freaky 20:02 21 Aug 07

Might be worth looking at the Iiyama 19" TFT's.

Not the cheapest but excellent quality and after-sales service.

We have 2x17" and 1x19" ProLite TFT's. I had a problem yesterday with one of the 17" that I bought 2½ years ago, contacted Iiyama yesterday and a replacement was delivered this afternoon !

They all have DVI sockets and tilt screens.

  PaulB2005 20:08 21 Aug 07

Currently using a Iiyama V M Pro 411. When this failed it was replaced next day by coureir swap.

Cheers. I'll have a look....

  freaky 20:57 21 Aug 07

The 19" I have is the ProLite E481S, but probably superseded by now as it's 2 years old. Use it mainly for graphics and games.

Would be grateful for any feedback on your search as I need another 19" TFT.


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