Where do you buy your trainers from

  finerty 21 Mar 12

Where do you go to buy your footwear trainers from?

Is it the internet where please

is a shop in the town center.

  ordep 21 Mar 12


  wiz-king 21 Mar 12

Dont wear trainers - I wear sandals, from internet and high street. Not much help am I ?

  The Kestrel 21 Mar 12

If you don't need the latest styles, then Sports Direct, either online http://www.sportsdirect.com/ or at your local shopping centre offer good value.

  spuds 21 Mar 12

If you try Sports Direct, then go to one of their local stores for a comparison of your needs. Then have a look at their on-line offers, for the same product. I have daily email promotions and offers from them, and some great bargains can be obtained, especially if they are overstocks or store clearance returns. Delivery is usually next working day, which you can usually track.

  interzone55 22 Mar 12

If you're wearing trainers for their intended purpose - ie sport - then you really need to make sure they're comfortable.

I buy mine for Sports Direct, where I can try them on and walk around in them.

Then whilst in the shop I check if they're cheaper online using Shop Savvy app on my phone. If they're only a couple of quid cheaper online I buy them from the shop, otherwise they go back on the shelf and I buy online

  Condom 22 Mar 12

I normally buy mine from Tesco Lotus or Big C in Bangkok and I never have to pay more than £10 for a very good pair.

  QuizMan 22 Mar 12

As someone who claims to still be a reasonably competent athlete, I would never go anywhere except a proper running shop. I am happy to pay a bit extra for expert advice and from people who understand my needs.

And when the shoes are worn out, I use them for gardening.

  SB23 23 Mar 12

I have to trawl through the Ebay pages when in need of new trainers, as I have "canal barges" for feet. Its not always because of the size but more recently the style of the trainer. I have used others but the last few pairs were from Ebay, brand new, and more often than not with a 30% saving, and you know me I like the word "saving", lol!

Just for info, my last pair were from a shop in Cardiff, but can't remember their name, sorry.

  raziel08 24 Mar 12

Probably in the same boat as SB23. I buy mine from brantano online as they are the only retailer to sell size 14 (UK).

Might not have a big selection but they do some reasonable ones and for a decent price.

  HondaMan 27 Mar 12


Never wear 'em. Bad for your feet.


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