Where Do I Stand?

  @Home 08:11 01 Nov 04

I am present waiting for a delivery of a new Sony 24" TFT Monitor which I have ordered over the Internet, and I have a couple of things I am unsure about that I hope you can answer.

1 - If there is a Dead pixel(even just 1)when I first turn on the monitor, can I return it?

2 - When it is qouted that you must return the product within 7 days to the store if faulty, or anytime after that to the manufacture, does that mean 7 days from me receiving the product OR 7 days from them dispatching it?

Where do I stand on these 2 issues. As the montitor has cost well over £1000 I would like to feel that I can return it and not have to put up & shut up if there was a Dead Pixel.

  Al94 08:28 01 Nov 04

1. No

2. 7 days from receipt but check the small print.

  smokingbeagle 09:38 01 Nov 04

click here
Explains manufacturer policies.

  oresome 19:10 01 Nov 04

I believe you can return it without giving a reason under the distance selling regulations within 7 days of receipt.

The item must be unused and you will have to stand the cost of returning it.

  Dorsai 19:54 02 Nov 04

the International Standards Organisation for TFt's is covered under ISO 13406-2.

They list 3 classes of TFT. Class 1 has no dead-uns.

So if your one is not class one, some failed pixels are regarded as 'acceptable'

click here

is the best link for the various classes i have managed to find. hope this helps

  Forum Editor 23:28 02 Nov 04

within 7 days of delivery without having to provide a reason, and you'll receive a full refund, provided the monitor is in its original packing and is not in any way damaged.

The others have provided adequate information on the dead pixel issue, but be optimistic - nowadays the vast majority of these displays are free of pixel problems.

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