When something goes stupid we tend to say'Blame the French

  SparkyJack 16 Sep 11

Well this time it can only be the French that can do this.

I cancelled my EDF electricity account - terminating 31 March last.

Since then I have been expecting the final statement, until to day that is with in the post a stroppy final demand- as if I had been ignoring previous correspondence

. Then to cap it all a new account number which will not respond to all attempts to access- unless I register that is- to make a final payment.

Meanwhile they seem to be undergoing a system upheaval and are impossible to get through to on the telephone.

I could I suppose simply send a cheque with the reference to the new account number and trust it ties with the old account.

But I distrust this course of action with the possibility of the fund disappearing into some irretrievable pot.

What would be the recommended course of action?

  Bald Eagle 16 Sep 11

Come over to France and deal with these companies! A blooming nightmare! two years to get rid of France Telecon when I changed providers.

  SparkyJack 17 Sep 11

Well it seems not only the French

Baald Eagle - this morning looking at my mail I have two posts from PCA on this topic one posted a minute after the first both from you.

But when looking at this page you sent it only the once.

Anyways up - Earlier this morning- whilst the rest of the EDF clientele were still tucked up this Saturday morning I tried the automated system once more.

It took 5 goes punching account number, then selecting a plastic, then punching in account number and the system dropping out partway through- when i heard a feint voice saying Helloo Hello- A people- At EDF- and Lancashire lass as well- we spoke- she got my detail, and my account number and my card number and the amount to pay.



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