When something goes stupid we tend to say'Blame the French

  SparkyJack 20:35 16 Sep 11

Well this time it can only be the French that can do this.

I cancelled my EDF electricity account - terminating 31 March last.

Since then I have been expecting the final statement, until to day that is with in the post a stroppy final demand- as if I had been ignoring previous correspondence

. Then to cap it all a new account number which will not respond to all attempts to access- unless I register that is- to make a final payment.

Meanwhile they seem to be undergoing a system upheaval and are impossible to get through to on the telephone.

I could I suppose simply send a cheque with the reference to the new account number and trust it ties with the old account.

But I distrust this course of action with the possibility of the fund disappearing into some irretrievable pot.

What would be the recommended course of action?

  Bald Eagle 21:09 16 Sep 11

Come over to France and deal with these companies! A blooming nightmare! two years to get rid of France Telecon when I changed providers.

  SparkyJack 08:30 17 Sep 11

Well it seems not only the French

Baald Eagle - this morning looking at my mail I have two posts from PCA on this topic one posted a minute after the first both from you.

But when looking at this page you sent it only the once.

Anyways up - Earlier this morning- whilst the rest of the EDF clientele were still tucked up this Saturday morning I tried the automated system once more.

It took 5 goes punching account number, then selecting a plastic, then punching in account number and the system dropping out partway through- when i heard a feint voice saying Helloo Hello- A people- At EDF- and Lancashire lass as well- we spoke- she got my detail, and my account number and my card number and the amount to pay.



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